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See map for price area borders

Airport Taxi rates, one-way

Neighbouring area (see the list of postal codes)

Airport Taxi Shuttle

 1-2 persons total 19.50 €
 3-4 persons total 29.50 €
 5-6 persons total 39.50 €
 7-8 persons total 49.50 €

Private Transports

 1-8 persons total 59.50 €
 9-16 persons total 89.50 €

Area 1: Helsinki, Espoo

Airport Taxi Shuttle

 1-2 persons total 29.50 €
 3-4 persons total 39.50 €
 5-6 persons total 49.50 €
 7-8 persons total 59.50 €

Private Transports

 1-8 persons total 69.50 €
 9-16 persons total 99.50 €

Area 2: Southeast Helsinki, western and northern Espoo

Airport Taxi Shuttle

 1-2 persons total 39.50 €
 3-4 persons total 49.50 €
 5-6 persons total 59.50 €
 7-8 persons total 69.50 €

Private Transports

 1-8 persons total 79.50 €
 9-16 persons total 99.50 €

Additional information

The rates for shuttle service include one stop. For bookings with multiple stops, see below.


For offers for groups who arrive from several different addresses, contact our sales at p. +358 600 555 555 or

Airport Taxi to the airport

Book us via our booking center at +358 600 555 555 or book us online.

Airport Taxi from the airport

Airport Taxi Shuttle without advance booking from our service points. If you want a private transport please book us by phone +358 600 555 555, via email ( or book online.

We also drive to other parts in Finland. Contact our sales at p. +358 600 555 555 or

Payment methods

We accept cash, debit cards and common credit cards.

Special luggage

The rates apply only when travelling with regular baggage (1 suitcase and onboard luggage per traveller)

When travelling with special luggage (space-consuming instruments, sports equipment etc.), a private transport must be booked.

If you have pets, please book a regular taxi or a private version of the Airport Taxi.


Children are considered as passengers regardless of age. Every passenger is reserved their own seat. According to law, every passenger must use a seat belt or safety seat. Please note that our cars don't have baby safety seats. We take no extra charge for children's special luggage, such as strollers.

Airport Taxi Shuttle
If you are travelling alone or in a small group, a shared taxi service is an alternative to a traditional taxi. We coordinate your trip with one or more passengers who are travelling to the same area.
The conditions for a shared taxi are the fixed pick-up times and also the fixed prices. From the airport you can get a taxi without advance booking, or if you want to book a private transport, please book in advance tel. +358 600 555 555 or

Private transports are for individuals and private groups – you have the entire car to yourself. The fixed private rate includes one stop. Additional stops will be priced separately. If members of a group go to different addresses from the airport or if they are picked up from different addresses to the airport, we'll calculate a fixed price for the transport and plan the route for you. All you need to do is to send us the addresses and the number of persons going to or coming from each address. Rates from €69.50. Please book in advance, tel. +358 600 555 555 or